About Presley Aranda

Presley ArandaPresley Aranda is a newly graduated student from Cal State East Bay where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Political Science.

During her undergrad, she interned with the JusticeCorps at the Hayward Hall of Justice working at the Alameda County Self-Help Center where she assisted self-represented litigants, many of which could not afford legal representation, navigate through their court proceedings in matters such as family and civil law. One of the many great opportunities JusticeCorps gave her was allowed her to empower members of her community to represent themselves through the justice system during difficult times in their lives.

The summer following the completion of her internship she continued to work at the Alameda County Self-Help Center to provide direct service to those who could not afford attorneys and ensuring they had access to justice.

Upon graduation, she wanted to continue her career in the legal field and providing legal assistance to families and individuals who are in need. Her goal while working at Family Law Advocates Group is to provide assistance and constant support to our clients, as well as the attorneys. She will continue to pursue her legal and educational career and prepare to attend law school in the upcoming years.

In her spare time, Presley enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the Bay Area, trying new food, and taking as many frequents trips to Disneyland as she can.