“Norah has been the biggest source of support through this emotionally draining and mentally exhausting restraining order case, aside from my therapist.

In addition to a divorce case, I had a complicated restraining order case and didn’t know the first thing on ROs. She was very patient with my endless questions, consistently checked in with me, and coached me through conducting myself at a hearing. Norah’s warm, professional demeanor helped me feel safe when I was fearing for my safety on a daily basis. I did not ever feel like “just another case” to her. She’s easy to talk to, and breaks down the legalese in a manner that is both relatable and not at all condescending.

If it weren’t for her I’d be so lost in the complicated, overwhelming legal process of domestic violence ROs. I am just so, so deeply grateful to have found her. Thank you for everything you’ve done, Norah!”

– Mai (April 2018)

“Retaining Norah for her services for my case was the best decision I made. Norah is a great lawyer and it showed in her work ethic, communication with myself, and her ability to communicate and mediate with the respondent in my case. She does well in court and is very respectful to the other party as well as the judge so it makes court go a lot smoother. She is down to earth and will make you feel like she is family and has your back. She is definitely that lawyer that I will always recommend to people who need help with family court services.”

– Kim (March 2018)

“I was recommended to AFL through a nearby attorney in a similar practice.  I am so grateful to have Norah as my attorney on a domestic violence case with my six-year-old’s father.  It has been empowering to have someone who can see through the fear we are going through right now.

Norah goes beyond and makes sense of this process for me so I can be prepared and in control at every hearing, county office, and visits with my child’s other parent.  I’m confident in her work, drive and passion; and would recommend Alyami Family Law without a second thought.”

– Angelica (January 2018)

“From my brief, yet close relationship that I developed with Norah over last few months, I have found her to be an amazing and trustworthy person, who truly cared about my situation. Her caring, empathy and understanding about what I was going through emotionally made my life, in every aspect, easier and made me feel assured that I was making the right decisions for me and my family. She understands that life is not easy and often times, we look for ways to find the strength during such difficult times. Norah played a significant role in helping me to find my strength and to live life again.

I wish you all the best and success in 2018. Again, thank you Norah!!”

– Shivneer (January 2018)